Imaging the Arctic in the Seattle Times

"A particularly amusing and enlightening collaboration has her teaming with young Seattle cartoonist Owen Curtsinger, whose wall of graphic-novel style panels explore the mysteries of the narwhal tusk, next to both a tusk cast and a life-size watercolor of a tusk. The strip, “Myths of the Tusk,” summarizes the various theories as to what possible function the unicorn-like growth, up to 9-feet-long, might serve for the elusive and northerly whale. The current consensus: It’s about sex."

From this great review of "Imaging the Arctic" in the Seattle Times. The show will be up through February 22nd; this month is your last chance to go check it out!

Imaging the Arctic: Communicating Climate Science Through Art

So excited and proud to announce that I will be a part of the opening of Imaging the Arctic, an exhibition spearheaded by my collaborator on Myths of the Tusk, Kristin Laidre. Opening reception is Thursday, December 11th, at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Ballard. Come say hi, buy some comics (they’re selling as fast as I can make them!) and check out the watercolors and photography by two other great artists. There will be a real narwhal tusk, and probably some wine!